Friday, July 20, 2007


Khawis ay safeng
Ay inpagpagkhasoweng
Fab-a matalengteng
Awak maeteeteng.

Safeng kafornay
Inomen ad-i kalaklakay
Awak mablamablay
Felay maokaokay.

Akhas ay safeng
Ken kaana'n panateng
Fafai inkimen
Safeng enna inomen.

Khachiw ya agkhama
Khawis si naipesa
Amam-a laychencha
inomencha sa somya.

Free Translation:
Safeng is beneficial
Its taste is sour
It sets the teeth on edge
The body becomes continuously healthy.

Safeng in the claypot
If one drinks, s/he does not grow old
Even if the body is very tired
The tiredness is drained.

Safeng is a medicine
It removes cough and colds
A woman who is pregnant
She drinks safeng.

Fish and crabs
Mixing them in is good
The old men like it
They drink it and all is well.

(Safeng is a mixture of various ingredients – uncooked sweet potatoes, cassava, legumes and even fish bones and crabs. These ingredients are mixed in boiled water, then placed in a tightly closed claypot for a month and is drunk after that. Its smell is rather unpleasant but it is well-loved by old men and women, as testified by this song. During clan gatherings or rituals, it is mixed with rice and fish and placed on mulberry leaves for distribution.)


Anonymous said...

Safeng is also a good remedy for hangover. You forgot to include the pig and chicken bones left after eating. hehehe.

Unknown said...

ang cute naman ng singer 'te...nice...mangparaman kan to man manang...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done!
I'm just bothered by mixing fish bones as part of safeng. Cheers...

Fongakhan said...

Fr. Okay, away pet kag letang nan laman nan safeng ikitmo tay mitapi nan ingit si manok ken fotog ahahaha...

Jhie, her name is Jillien, a cousin of mine in Grade 2. She just came from the hospital because she had pneumonia but she was still game to sing the song. Matalino yan hehe..

Trublue, thanks! The fish bones makes you cautious about drinking it hehe.. Have you ever tasted one? It's not a drink that I would recommend because I don't like it ahahaha...

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda naman ng boses ng batang yan. na appreciate ko sya kahit di ko initially naiintindihan. It's really refreshing to hear a native song like that.