Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lowalon si Makedse

"Ya ket ay enkhabfo cha Charchar ken Chadsaag ya mabfolafog nan kaag as kapagpag. Entaod pay si Charchar ya ket map-as nan mokhong as kacheppas; nakhafot nan tonged as Lakhipan. Naoma pay chadlos Kamfonyan ya ke na't pasafaten nan kichor ya keleb sa cha pay chadlo ompa. Ay, iyala tako't ta adi omali's Chadsaag ya mapet-ang nan tapeyan sa pay ya mid kasin tako iyala. Nay kowam sa Charchar..... Kulululuschuy. Perpla-pler-pla-per... "

Then Charchar and Chadsaag wrestled and the monkeys in the forest were perturbed. When Charchar jumped, the rocks on the cliff eroded while the tiger grasses in Lakhipan were uprooted. Kamfonyan got fed up so he caused the collision between the thunder and the lightning; it was then that they were at peace. Let us therefore drink wine so that Chadsaag will not come and the wine jar might break; otherwise we may not have other wine to drink. Here, this is yours, Charchar...

This is the genius of my friend and batchmate, Earl Okay, who suddenly composed this native prayer when we chatted and he was about to sign off. Let me give a disclaimer though and say that this is not a real lowalon si makedse. You can hear the real ones on occasions such as blessing the newly-weds, a new house, or those instances that require blessings for prosperity or good health. Many thanks to Earl for revising my English translation (we also changed one name mentioned because there is such a person), and also to Pagano and Igorot Blogger, who attempted to translate some portions.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


The famous food product of Bontoc