Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Song about Samoki

Composer: Loy Fanged

Waday nan ili ay nenngachan si SAMOKI
Engkhana ad sangad-om, komekedser na’y ili
Khefa, Sadlan ya Khawa, nginadnan si aamam-a

Samoki, somobli ak to issa
Khakhayamko, omipapakod cha
Ad Sadlan ay adi malichongan
Ad Khefa ay adi kasangotan
Ad Khawa, adi ta kaom-oma
Nan nay semek ay mangipalikna’s nan layad mi’d Kidlaa
At awni’t sakhongek to sika

No apchas pay mamatok nan akhew ad Am-agto
Fafallo ya mamagkit, waschin cha’t makiogfo
Peteg nan lagsakcha ay mamachang san ib-acha’y takho

There is a land called SAMOKI
Ever since, this place has always been enduring
Khefa, Sadlan and Khawa, as they were named by our great grandfathers

Samoki, I shall come back to thee
And all my friends, they keep hold of me
One would never forget Sadlan
One would never get bored in Khefa
One would never tire of Khawa
This is the thought that expresses our love for Kidlaa
Very soon I will return to thee

When the sun has already risen in Am-agto
Young men and women, each one helps each other
Their joy is great in helping their fellowmen

[Samoki, also known as Kidlaa, is one of the barangays of Bontoc. It is separated with Bontoc proper, also known as Churyaa, by the Chico River. This song is featured here, an article written by a friend.]