Friday, March 16, 2007

Nan Ensasab-atan

(Here is an attempt to write poetry in my language.)

Ad-i ngen khawis nan kasin tako masab-atan.
Nan sanga ya iliw enna pen kaan.
Ad-i karkarpasan nan okhod tako.
Nan ango et kag ad-i kakonto.

Fowan ya tawen nan mafilang
Isnan eg-ay tako nen-ilaan.
Ngem ya ket nay naamong tako
Kag eg-ay nasisyan nan awak tako.

Ifaagyo'd ay lilwidko
Mo ngag nan inmat isnan fiyagyo.
Ayet achi ichad-atyo
Ta kasin tako maammowan chadlo.

Enyaman ak et ken Apo Chios
Tay nan fiyagyo naornos.
Itoltolongna koma kayet chakayo
Ta khawis kasin nan masab-atan tako.

Free Translation:
How good it is that we meet again.
It indeed removes sadness and homesickness.
Our story-telling does not end.
Our laughter does not stop.

Months and years can be counted
When we have not seen each other.
But now that we are gathered
It’s like our bodies did not separate.

Tell me my friends
What happened to your lives.
Come on, relate to me
So that I will know again.

I thank God
That your life is in order.
May he continue to lead you
So that our next meeting will again be well.

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