Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures of Mainit and Maligcong

Bontoc has 16 barangays. Two of those are Mainit and Maligcong, two beautiful and scenic places. I visited these two barangays in 2006 along with some visitors.

Mainit is well-known for its hotspring, supposedly from an inactive volcano. In fact, one of the visitors commented that the whole barangay of Mainit seems to be the crater of the volcano itself. Yay! Maligcong is well-known for its stone-walled rice terraces. Unfortunately, we went there during harvest time so the rice fields were not as picturesque.




Anonymous said...

How i wish, i will visit mainit.Hanggang pictures lang ako eh.-maribel-

bernard said...

how nice is bontoc sana mka punta aq...